Bookmarks for 6 dic 2011 through 7 dic 2011

These are my links for 6 dic 2011 through 7 dic 2011:

  • Monitor Your Website in Real-Time with Apachetop – How-To Geek – As a webmaster, I’ve often wanted to be able to see real-time hits as they arrive. Sure, Google Analytics is a wonderful package for looking at trends over time, but there’s a delay of a few hours there, and you really can’t see data like requests per second or total bytes.

    This is where the apachetop utility comes in. It’s a very simple command line utility that you can use to monitor traffic real-time. It accomplishes this by parsing the apache logfiles and displaying meaningful output to the screen.

  • Ashwin Jayaprakash’s Blog: The little gem that is BusyBox (for Windows) – As a Windows user (no shame) I have, for years searched for a simple GNU-like toolkit – grep, awk, tail and other such goodies enjoyed by Linux users. Yes, there's Cygwin but it's a beast – too big and a pain to install. Sometimes, I've even resorted to starting a Linux VMWare image just to run a simple awk script to munge some log files.
  • pclouds/busybox-w32 – GitHub – Win32 native port for Busybox (latest build can bw found in the below link)