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  • Bookmarks for 15 mar 2017

    These are my links for 15 mar 2017 EasyEngine – Easy WordPress Nginx – EasyEngine (ee) is a linux shell-script to manage your WordPress-Nginx websites on Ubuntu and Debian server. fresh – Keep your dot files fresh – fresh is a tool to source shell configuration (aliases, functions, etc) from others into your own configuration […]

  • Bookmarks for 9 March 2017

    These are my links for 9 March 201: Relentless Coding – A Javascript malware analysis tool using static analysis / deobfuscation techniques and an execution engine featuring HTML DOM emulationRead more » Deis | Your Paas. Your Rules. – Deis (pronounced DAY-iss) is an open source PaaS that makes it easy to deploy and manage applications […]

  • Bookmarks for 18 Apr 2016 through 22 Apr 2016

    These are my links for 18 Apr 2016 through 22 Apr 2016: Alfresco: some useful database queries – Blog dbi services – In my previous post, I talked about the Lifecycle of Alfresco Nodes. You may have noticed that I tried to insert in my explanations some elements that are specific to databases (tables, fields, […]

  • Bookmarks for 22 Apr 2016 through 23 Apr 2016

    These are my links for 22 Apr 2016 through 23 Apr 2016: How to use Powershell in an exploit · rapid7/metasploit-framework Wiki PowerShell is a scripting language developed by Microsoft. It provides API access to almost everything in a Windows platform, less detectable by countermeasures, easy to learn, therefore it is incredibly powerful for penetration […]

  • A free ebook to build a NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab for free

      I’ve received an email from Neil Anderson that point my attention to his free ebook on how to build a free NetApp. If you’re interesting in a job in enterprise environment, NetAPP is something that you may encounter and it’s worth learning about it anyway. NetApp Simulator 9 Free eBook – How to Build […]