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These are my links for 28 dic 2009 from 00:30 to 23:21:

  • The Beginner’s Guide to The Geek Stuff – A Guided Tour – We’ve published quite a few high quality articles on UNIX/Linux and open source since this blog was started on May 2008. This post is a quick reference guide to all the popular posts in this blog.

    You might want to go through all these posts in detail by trying out the commands and software mentioned in these posts yourself. However, it is going to a take a while to read all these posts. Make sure to bookmark this article for future reference.

  • AIX – monitoring – IBM developerWorks: Wikis – Below is my reference card notes on the most useful monitoring tools available on AIX and the most useful parameters.
    If you see mistakes please correct them.
    If you have other favourites please add them.
    The Tips and techniques page is the place for discussions on tuning approach and ideas.
  • Flexamail – We make mail do more! – Flexamail allows you to control the web while never leaving the comfort of your inbox. You can post images, share files even surf the web! If you know how to use email, you already know how to use Flexamail. Easy to learn, easy to use, yet powerful.

    With Flexamail, you can:
    Access popular sites like Twitter and Facebook all from your email without needing a proxy
    Avoid pesky firewalls getting in your way, access websites and services regardless to your office or country's firewall settings
    Post, share and track any type of files and images online
    Password protect those files you don't want made public
    Securely backup your files online
    Save money on your cellphone plan with an email only data plan
    Publish a photo from your iPhone or Blackberry without needing to open an app
    Stay organized with sortable, sharable, drag and drop lists
    Best of all, it's free!

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