Bookmarks for 29 dic 2009 through 2 gen 2010

These are my links for 29 dic 2009 through 2 gen 2010:

  • Soup To Nuts – Repository of Open Source Articles and Example Code – This site is a collection of scripts, hints, articles, and programs.
    Performance Monitoring on Linux, Postfix 2nd Instance for Sender-based Routing: Multiple Gmail and Comcast Accounts, Linux Quota Tutorial , SQLite Tutorial, over 200 Linux tips and tricks, Virtual Filesystem: Building a Linux Filesystem from an Ordinary File, MySQL Tips and Tricks , MSSQL 2005 Tips
  • Dunigan’s Network Peformance Links – list of tools for network measurement and monitoring, tcp performance, etc
  • AIX A-Z: Learning AIX’s spooler back-end programs – Summary:  While most IBM® AIX® administrators know how to set up print queues and manage printing through the System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) or the general print commands, there's more to printing on the UNIX® system. If you want to learn more than just how to set up or manage virtual printers on AIX, this article is for you. Most successful AIX and UNIX administrators thrive on learning more about the system they administer. Printing is only one facet of their system, but it's an important one to know.