Bookmarks for 14 giu 2013 through 18 giu 2013

These are my links for 14 giu 2013 through 18 giu 2013:

  • apache2-mpm-itk – apache2-mpm-itk (just mpm-itk for short) is an MPM (Multi-Processing Module) for the Apache web server. mpm-itk allows you to run each of your vhost under a separate uid and gid—in short, the scripts and configuration files for one vhost no longer have to be readable for all the other vhosts. mpm-itk is based on the traditional prefork MPM, which means it's non-threaded; in short, this means you can run non-thread-aware code (like many PHP extensions) without problems. On the other hand, you lose out to any performance benefit you'd get with threads, of course; you'd have to decide for yourself if that's worth it or not. You will also take an additional performance hit over prefork, since there's an extra fork per request. [ via ]
  • iTerm2 – Mac OS Terminal Replacement – iTerm2 is a replacement for Terminal and the successor to iTerm. It works on Macs with OS 10.5 (Leopard) or newer. Its focus is on performance, internationalization, and supporting innovative features that make your life better.
  • Introducing Pysa – Reverse your servers’ configurations! | MadeiraCloud – We are excited to announce the Alpha release of our new open-source configuration reverse engineering tool: Pysa Pysa aims to help anyone who wants to replicate an existing configuration and not simply clone the entire machine. It can be use to migrate configurations from one computer to another (as physical machines to virtual clouds), backup existing configurations, or for any other migration purpose.