Bookmarks for 15 lug 2013 through 17 lug 2013

These are my links for 15 lug 2013 through 17 lug 2013:

  • Regex Crossword – Welcome to the fantastic world of nerdy regex fun! Start playing by selecting one of the puzzle challenges below. There are a wide range of difficulties from beginner to expert. [ via ]
  • Generating an SSH key and setting up SSH-agent – Low End Box – A couple of weeks ago I started with the first tutorial in a series of security-related ones. This is the second tutorial in this series. Last time I spoke about SSH and sudo. As Raymii pointed out in the comments, I never mentioned how to actually generate your own SSH key. In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to do that.
  • Search in a Giphy – Giphy – Search Animated Gifs on the Web