Bookmarks for 11 lug 2013 through 12 lug 2013

These are my links for 11 lug 2013 through 12 lug 2013:

  • Azimuth Security: Poking Holes in AppArmor Profiles – […] in this blog post I'll be discussing some issues I recently discovered in a variety of AppArmor profiles.
  • Packer – Packer is a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. [ via ]
  • IBM AIX and Microsoft Active Directory integration with Kerberos and LDAP – LDAP works well for storing and retrieving user attributes for AIX users, but using LDAP for the authentication piece still requires the user to have an AIX password and an AD password. Kerberos allows AIX to authenticate the user against the user's Microsoft Windows® password, using native AD protocols.