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  • Perl Net::FTP – Before the wide spread availability of Perl, I would script ftp transfers with .netrc, ksh scripts and other clumsy ways. None of those methods are fun, flexible or easy. On the other hand, Perl's Net::FTP module is all of that.<br />
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    With Net::FTP, you have total control. You know when there are errors, timeouts, whatever. It's not at all difficult: anyone with basic scripting skills can understand and use this.<br />
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    I'm going to present two programs here. One is very simple; you can probably understand it even if you know no Perl at all. It just logs into my ftp site, gets a listing, and displays it. The other is a fairly complicated program that goes out to a list of hosts and gets files with a date equal to or newer than what you specify. Even with the extra complexity, you should be able to follow it, and perhaps modify it for your own needs.
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