Bookmarks for 6 nov 2009 through 13 nov 2009

These are my links for 6 nov 2009 through 13 nov 2009:

  • Remus – Remus provides transparent, comprehensive high availability to ordinary virtual machines running on the Xen virtual machine monitor. It does this by maintaining a completely up-to-date copy of a running VM on a backup server, which automatically activates if the primary server fails.
  • Using alt_disk_copy – Summary: The alt_disk_copy is a built-in AIX® utility that allows the cloning of a running rootvg. alt_disk_copy is typically used for upgrades that effect the running of AIX, cloning of disks for migration, and online backups of rootvg.
    [Ce ne saranno da fare un tot nei prossimi mesi di upgrade di TL… speruma]
  • Sys Admin Pocket Survival Guide – Howdy there! This is my collection of notes that I have collected over the years as a Sys Admin. I am sharing them here hoping that they will be useful to you. These are concise notes to refresh your mind on how to do certain things, maybe you know what need to be done on one platform but don't know the commands on another. Or maybe just pointers for you to read up the relevan man pages or know what to google for 🙂 They are work in progress, I know I need to polish up my notes so that other can make sense of them. As time permits…