Bookmarks for 24 lug 2012 from 12:40 to 14:51

These are my links for 24 lug 2012 from 12:40 to 14:51:

  • Centrale di Mobilità – Muoviti responsabilmente senza pesare sull'ambiente
  • – AIX tips & tricks – AIX tips & tricks

    (like: "Finding physical location of a disk" or why "AIX NFS server refuses client to mount share" and many other)

  • Account Administration – disciplinux – Change AIX password non-interactively

        Use the chpasswd utility to change the password.

  • Tightening Default AIX Sendmail – disciplinux – I started looking at the default AIX configuration of sendmail for the SMTP Open Relay issues. Previously I had sent a configuration change to
    allow only specific relay-domains. However, it appears that the default sendmail configuration sets "PROMISCUOUS_RELAY" which overrides the
    RELAY-DOMAINS directive.
  • Configure sendmail to start logging Subject in maillog | – In this article we will learn how to configure sendmail so that you can log "Subject" in /var/log/maillog as by default sendmail does not log Subject to maillog file.

    This is really interesting. Business people many times are interested in getting mail log files analyzed. To analyse mail logs they need various field to appera in mail logs. e.g. "From", "To", "Subject" etc from the sent email. By default sendmail logs From and To fields but it does not log Subject field. In this article you will learn how to enable sendmail to log "Subject".