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  • CSV file Command line at windows server 2008 core | LazySystemAdmin
  • Useful commands for Windows administrators – Managing a Windows 2000 Active Directory with about 100 servers, over 1500 computers and 35 sites, the following commands often helped me answer questions or solve problems.<br />
    Most commands are "one-liners", but for some I had to make an exception and go to the right directory first.<br />
    <br />
    These commands could all be used in batch files, though some may need some "parsing" with FOR /F to retrieve only the required substrings from the displayed information.
  • Top 10 Awesome Linux Screen Tricks – Screen or as I like to refer to it “Admin’s little helper”<br />
    Screen is a window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes<br />
    <br />
    here are a couple quick reasons you’d might use screen