Bookmarks for 27 ott 2009 through 29 ott 2009

These are my links for 27 ott 2009 through 29 ott 2009:

  • Welcome to The Oracle FAQ | Oracle FAQ – The Oracle FAQ is NOT an official Oracle Support site, but rather a get-together of people with jobs in Oracle. In our spare time we come together here to learn about Oracle, share knowledge and try to help others solve their problems. In doing so, this sites puts a wealth of information at the fingertips of Oracle professionals all over the world. You can use our directories and powerful search facilities to quickly locate all the information you need. We provide not only answers to frequently asked questions, but also Message Boards, Sample Code, Books, Tools, USENET Archives, Mailing List Archives, and many more features to enrich your Oracle journey.
  • * Bash Script Beautifier – I wrote a Ruby beautifier script a few years ago and it has become very popular. I decided to rework it to beautify Bash scripts, even though I realized that Bash shell scripts are much more free-form than Ruby programs. This project is the result — a Bash script beautifier written in Ruby.

    I have tested the script on a lot of typical Linx scripts, both my own and from the system. While testing I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that there are too many perverse ways people write Bash scripts for this program to ever correctly beautify 100% of submitted scripts. Maybe 99%, but never 100%.

  • pSeries Tech Tips/Sendmail – To correct "warning: local hostname is not qualified." OR "warning: local hostname doesn't have a domain"…
    (Ma porcaccia di quella miseriaccia lurida zozza schifosa ingrata)