Bookmarks for 6 ott 2009 through 7 ott 2009

These are my links for 6 ott 2009 through 7 ott 2009:

  • – Threely – The Shortest URL Shortener in the World! – Threely uses the shortest possible domain name: – it's only 3 letters/characters short!
    [Via GianCasa]
  • Main Page – Wikistix – Welcome to Stix's wiki. Since editing html was getting tedious, I'm giving a Wiki a try for some of the bits and pieces I'm putting up on my site.

    Some of the page categories available are:

    * Technical:
    o Databases (db2, sybase, myslq)
    o SAP
    o TSM
    o UNIX (aix, freebsd, tru64)

  • Support, Education Services, Consulting, Unwired Enterprise – Sybase Support & Downloads – Sybase Inc – Get the most out of your Sybase solutions

    Sybase provides industry-leading support and a variety of downloads to help you get the most out of your Sybase products and solutions. Our support services are designed to unlock all the benefits of the Unwired Enterprise to give you and your company continuing competitive advantage in a rapidly changing technological environment.