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  • Your Soekris OpenBSD as a OpenVPN appliance | Me in IT – I have an existing network at home, but would like to be able to connect to it using a VPN every now and then. This enables me to access the fileserver, printer and so on.

    My network contains an Apple Time Capsule as a nat router, an ethernet modem provided by my cable company Ziggo and devices such as laptops, that use the network.

    A Soekris box I had lying around meets all requirements perfectly for a VPN-server. Here is how to set it up.

  • 1- Concetti base (di TSM) – NGI SpA – […]Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) è il software di backup e archiving di IBM, attualmente alla versione 5.4. E' disponibile per diverse architetture e sistemi operativi e localizzato in svariate lingue.[…]

    Un'introduzione a TSM e all'uso più semplice

  • [IT Services] Using the TSM Client Command Line Interface for Backup & Restore – This section will first provide an introduction to the TSM Command Line Interface (CLI) and then describe how to manually back up and restore files on the local machine. The screen shots and descriptions that follow may refer to older TSM clients, but with the exception of the file specifications the syntax is generic to all platforms.

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  • FreeNATS: Free Network Automatic Testing System – FreeNATS is a PHP and MySQL based automatic network status testing, alerting and repoting package from PurplePixie Systems and released under the GNU General Public Licence for free use. <br />
    <br />
    Current Test Types: Ping (ICMP), HTTP/HTTPs (Web), IMAP/IMAPs, POP3/POP3s, MySQL Connection, MySQL Queries, TCP Port, 2Various Node-based Monitors<br />
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  • PacketFence – What is PacketFence ?<br />
    PacketFence is a fully supported, trusted, Free and Open Source network access control (NAC) system. Boasting an impressive feature set including a captive-portal for registration and remediation, centralized wired and wireless management, 802.1X support, layer-2 isolation of problematic devices, integration with the Snort IDS and the Nessus vulnerability scanner; PacketFence can be used to effectively secure networks – from small to very large heterogeneous networks. <br />
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  • Open Web Analytics – Easy, Open, Web Analytics.Open Web Analytics (OWA) is open source web analytics software that you can use to track and analyze how people use your web sites and applications. OWA is licensed under GPL and provides web site owners and developers with easy ways to add web analytics to their sites using simple Javascript, PHP, or REST based APIs. OWA also comes with built-in support for tracking web sites made with popular content management frameworks such as WordPress and MediaWiki.
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • SQL for Tivoli Storage Manager – This page has a collection of useful SQL statements for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM). Here you can find out a lot of selects that will help you to get information from TSM and to construct your own SQL statements.