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  • harelba/q · GitHub – Have you ever stared at a text file on the screen, hoping it would have been a database so you could ask anything you want about it? I had that feeling many times, and I've finally understood that it's not the database that I want. It's the language – SQL. SQL is a declarative language for data, and as such it allows me to define what I want without caring about how exactly it's done. This is the reason SQL is so powerful, because it treats data as data and not as bits and bytes (and chars). The goal of this tool is to provide a bridge between the world of text files and of SQL. q allows performing SQL-like statements on tabular text data.
  • rome2rio: discover how to get anywhere – Discover how to get anywhere by searching plane, train, bus, car and ferry routes [ via ]
  • WildFly – JBoss Application Server has a new name… WildFly. – JBoss Application Server has a new name… and it's even @#$%ing faster.

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  • Computer Server Rack Facts, Questions and Answers. – Not all racks are created equal . . . and not all servers will fit in all racks
  • Introduction to text manipulation on UNIX-based systems – Summary:  This introduction to text manipulation on UNIX platforms provides an overview of some common commands widely available and installed standard on most UNIX-based releases. Many times these standard utilities are ignored in favor of more modern text-processors such as Perl, Python, or Ruby, which are not always installed on a system. An introductory review of these tools helps practitioners who are learning UNIX or Linux or those who may be looking to renew forgotten knowledge.
  • – exact time, any time zone – Current local time in… your place

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