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  • LasCon Storage – TSM Scripting Hints and Tips – Send offsite and recall Copy tapes <br />
    Free up tapes which are almost empty <br />
    Multiple macro commands <br />
    Exporting scripts <br />
    Updating Netware Client Passwords
  • LasCon Storage – TSM Administration – Tivoli is part of IBM, and they provide a suite of management products for distributed systems. TSM used to be called ADSM and works on the 'incremental backup forever' principle, which takes a bit of getting used to, compared to the more traditional 'weekly full backup and daily incremental' system. With TSM, you backup all your clients to one central data backup server. This makes administration a lot easier, but means you have to limit the amount of data you send over the network. That's why TSM needs to be incremental. A central database records all backup information, and can be used to recreate a whole server if necessary. TSM always keeps at least one backup of every on-line file.
  • Shan’s "Fix IT in 1 Minute!" UNIX Admin Blog – Welcome to "Fix IT in 1 Minute!" – Shan Jing's UNIX Administration blog. It covers Solaris, Linux, AIX, Web; Unix/TCP/IP Internal Programming (C/Python/Perl); TCP/IP Protocols and Services (DNS, NIS, Kerberos, LDAP, SSH, Openssl, etc.); Shell scripting,Perl /Web XML/DBMS SQL; Security & Intrusion Detection (nmap,snort); Enterprise Web Middleware and Backend: WebLogic/Tomcat/Java/JSP/Web Applications; Grid Computing, Python/Django Web Framework, etc.
  • Techdocs – the Technical Sales Library – This site provides access to the Technical Sales Support organization's technical information databases. It gives you access to the most current installation, planning and technical support information available from IBM pre-sales support, and is constantly updated. You can browse or search these databases by date, document number, product, platform, keywords, etc.

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These are my links for 18 gen 2010 from 17:06 to 23:41:

  • Samba e Active Directory .:. – Unire una macchina Linux (*BSD, Solaris, …) a un dominio (Active Directory) Windows talvolta è comodo, talvolta è utile, talvolta è necessario. Per ottenere questo risultato si usa Samba.
  • Squid e autenticazione su Active Directory .:. – È giunto il momento di rifare il proxy aziendale – ovviamente Squid – e con l'occasione cambio il metodo di autenticazione appoggiandomi al dominio: una password in meno per gli utenti e controllo più centralizzato. Le condizioni al contorno sono sempre quelle: Debian come guest su VMware ESX così aumentiamo la percentuale di virtualizzazione con tutti i pro (ma anche i contro).
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