Bookmarks for 3 gen 2010 through 4 gen 2010

These are my links for 3 gen 2010 through 4 gen 2010:

  • IPv4 address managment suite – phpIP Management is a complete IPv4 IPAM (IP address management) suite, built to handle the complexity of managing today's IP address space. phpIP Management was built to scale and address the full lifecycle of IP address space using techniques that are not administratively intensive.
  • » Forensic data sheet – Davide “Rebus” Gabrini è uno dei maggiori esponenti della digital forensic italiana e per fortuna anche un collega. In primavera la sua instancabile mente partirì i “forensic data sheet” ad uso degli operatori della Polizia Postale e delle Comunicazioni.
  •… – […]Everyone knows the answer to the question of life, the universe and everything is "42", but for the first time we can reveal the question. It is this: how many command-line tricks must a man memorise? You see, graphical user interfaces are all well and good, but when you want to get real work done it's time to switch to the terminal […] So, strap yourself in and get ready for command-line heaven: it's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and we're all out of gum…


  • DIY ~20U server rack – So, this is something mike has been looking to make for the past few days, ever since he got his new computer case for his awesome new computer. He originally wanted to buy a server rack, so he can mount his case in it, and mount the NAS he has with it, but those cost lots of lots of money. So, our solution, after thinking up at night, was to make one ourselves. I suggested iron gas piping, and mike suggested angle iron. Mike won because in the end, it would be easier to build with angle iron.
  • 19 inch DIY PC Rack by TykSak of – A little foreword

    I think the idea of having a 19" rack at home is every techs dream. This was also the case when I wanted to decomission my power hungry and space consuming server PCs and replace them with 19" servers, but it seems that when ever the frase "19 inch" is added to any PC part the price just skyrockets.

Bookmarks for 15 dic 2009 from 18:36 to 19:16

These are my links for 15 dic 2009 from 18:36 to 19:16:

  • Making Open Source Convenient | JumpBox Virtual Appliances and Applications for Cloud Computing – It's a ready-to-deploy virtual computer that contains a pre-configured instance of an application. Self-contained, secure and optimized – it gives you the value of Open Source software without the headaches. A JumpBox has the following qualities:

    Easy to deploy on Mac, Windows or Linux.
    Portable across operating systems and cloud environments.
    Simple to manage with a web-based administration interface.
    Protected by a built-in, automated backup system.
    Isolated from interfering with existing software.
    Flexible to allow you to move between virtual and cloud systems.
    Proven through collective usage of thousands of people

  • Waldemar Mark Duszyk – Un blog su AIX molto bello, lezioni, trucchi, script.
    Materiale base e avanzato
  • Troubleshoot Connections through the PIX and ASA – Cisco Systems – This document provides troubleshooting ideas and suggestions for when you use the Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) and the Cisco PIX 500 Series Security Appliance. More often than not, when applications or network sources break or are not available, firewalls (PIX or ASA) tend to be a primary target and blamed as the cause of outages. With some testing on the ASA or PIX, an administrator can determine whether or not the ASA/PIX causes the problem.
  • Ricerche IT » Sniffing del traffico di rete con Cisco ASA 5505 – Può capitare, alle volte, di trovarci nella necessità di dover fare troubleshooting sulla nostra rete in conseguenza di un qualche malfunzionamento (software o hardware che sia); in alcuni casi, può essere estremamente utile “sniffare” il traffico di rete, cioé avere in una qualche forma comprensibile all’essere umano l’insieme (o, più spesso, un sottoinsieme) delle comunicazioni che avvengono sulla rete[…]