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  • – ntbackup resources – […] This site was set up to help system administrators, users of ntbackup and users of the popular ntbackup scheduling program BackupAssist.<br />
    <br />
    It's the only site with:<br />
    <br />
    a comprehensive listing of Microsoft's knowledge base articles on ntbackup, sorted chronologically<br />
    a simple and effective search tool that will return results from Microsoft's knowledge base on ntbackup related articles […]
  • – FSVS is the abbreviation for “Fast System VerSioning”, and is pronounced [fisvis].<br />
    <br />
    It is a complete backup/restore/versioning tool for all files in a directory tree or whole filesystems, with a subversionTM repository as the backend. <br />
    You may think of it as some kind of tar or rsync with versioned storage.
  • DNS e Postfix: come non generare "spam" | Kreations Collective – […]Ho recentemente configurato alcuni server per l’invio di email. Parte del lavoro ha riguardato la corretta configurazione di Postfix e del server DNS per evitare che le email inviate venissero rilevate come spam.[…]<br />
    La configurazione ha riguardato tre punti principali:<br />
    Impostazione del record A e del reverse address<br />
    Impostazione di SPF<br />
    Configurazione di DKIM e DomainKeys<br />