Bookmarks for 11 set 2012 through 16 set 2012

These are my links for 11 set 2012 through 16 set 2012:

  • Web-controlled Twittering Roomba
  • Roomba: Roomba library for Arduino
  • WordPress + Memcached | Scott Taylor – Scott Taylor, Software Engineer III at eMusic, in a comprehensive article on using WordPress + Memcached.
  • Simple Desktops – Do you ever feel like the only good desktop wallpapers you can find are either the basic 15 or 20 Apple provides or solid colors? Do you often find yourself spending time looking for something that isn't a beautiful photograph but also isn't a gradient and drop shadowed mess with a little lens flare and some annoying copyright information in the corner?

    Do you want less, but not boring? Then you want Simple Desktops.