Bookmarks for 18 nov 2011 through 22 nov 2011

These are my links for 18 nov 2011 through 22 nov 2011:

  • Plan your Exchange 2007 Backups based on Server Roles – When Microsoft created Exchange Server 2007, one of the biggest changes that they made was the creation of server roles. The concept of roles existed in Exchange server 2003, it was very limited. In Exchange server 2007, there are five different roles which serve five very specific purposes.

    Because these roles are so different from one another, the tasks that an Exchange Server performs, and the code that is installed is entirely dictated by the role that the server is configured to perform. That being the case, it is necessary to completely reevaluate your backup strategy.

  • LinuxLegatoClientSetup < CF < TWiki – install legato for Ubuntu and Debian Users
  • Oracle LSNRCTL – Listener Shutdown and Startup Procedures – Starting up and shutting down the oracle listener is a routine task for a database administrator. However a Linux system administrator or programmer may end-up doing some basic DBA operations on development database. It is critical for non-DBAs to understand the basic database admin activities.

    In this article, let us review how to start, stop, check status of an oracle listener using Oracle listener control utility LSNRCTL.