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  • Yes, You Can Run 18 Static Sites on a 64MB Link-1 VPS – Low … – […] So, just trying to prove the point that yes, 64MB is more than enough to host 18 static sites, I decided to add a Link-1 Xen to my account and document the process […]<br />
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  • Advanced Nmap – […] Tonight I wanted to share some Nmap stuff that I’ve been using lately or am getting ready to start using […]<br />
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  • logrotate in bash – logrotate is a bash script which can rotate log files and multilog log directories and archive them in a central location.logrotate requires GNU bash, GNU gzip and GNU date.

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  • Miniguida: Scrivere il profilo su LinkedIn
  • OpenPanel – OpenPanel is a free open source control panel. It has lots of functionality, an attractive interface and is very user friendly. OpenPanel is a platform for developers. Because it is extremely open and modular it can be utilised to control any process on a Linux server.
  • Sql Performance Explained – SQL Performance Explained is a free SQL tuning e-book for developers.<br />
    It avoids unnecessary details about database internalsbut highlights the one topic that is most often neglected: proper indexing.

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These are my links for 26 apr 2011 from 02:00 to 14:52:

  • Putty, Active Directory and Kerberos – […] This is a short and simple tutorial about setting up Kerberos authentication with putty and Active Directory. […]
  • Checkpoint HA Nagios monitoring – […] For a number of reasons I need to be able to know which firewall is the active on in a Checkpoint cluster. I’d like to be notified when the active node switches to the secondary box […]
  • Michele’s blog " Active Directory and Apache Kerberos … – […] In this article I’ll explore how to set up an Apache web server on a Linux Debian box (squeeze testing as of 05/2009) with kerberos authentication integrated with Active Directory on Windows 2003R2 […]
  • Integrating Active Directory and Squid3 – […] Here’s my third and probably last post on a topic about AD integration and linux. This time around the goal is to have Kerberos authentication integrated with Squid, so that users do not have to be prompted for additional authentication when surfing the web[…]
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error