Bookmarks for 8 feb 2010 from 14:31 to 17:26

These are my links for 8 feb 2010 from 14:31 to 17:26:

  • Performance Tuning with "nmon" – Use this WebWizard to start Performance Tuning your IBM pSeries running AIX. This WebWizard assues you are using a freely available and very useful tool called nmon – full detail on getting this are below. nmon – is strongly recommended as it provides all the AIX statistics constantly updated on a "dumb" screen.
  • IBM Performance Management for Power Systems : overview – Your IBM Power™ Systems model (including the IBM System i®, the IBM System p® and the new POWER6™ models) can be one of your company's most valued assets. But it is an absolute requirement you understand the utilization and growth of your system to help with making better plans for reducing cost, improving service and managing risk. Building a dynamic infrastructure that accommodates the changing demands of your business in a planet becoming smarter is critical.
  • Tuning and hardening Squid | Christian Schenk – Tuning and hardening Squid will be the topic of this post, where tuning means making it a little bit faster and hardening means less vulnerable to malicious use.