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  • How to write udev rules – Since the adoption of Kernel 2.6, Linux has used the udev system to handle devices such as USB connected peripherals. If you want to change the behavior when you plug something into a USB port, this section is for you. As an example, we will use a USB thumb drive but these methods should translate to any device handled by udev. As a goal for this exercise we decided to create a symlink and execute a script when a specific thumb drive was loaded.
  • Persistent iSCSI LUN Device Name – jablonskis – […] I spent a bit of time figuring out how to get this achieved, so thought it is worth noting for the future reference. I will try to make this quick assuming you have knowledge about iSCSI software initiators in Linux[…]
  • al3x/sovereign – A set of Ansible playbooks to build and maintain your own private cloud: email, calendar, contacts, file sync, IRC bouncer, VPN, and more.
  • NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours | Sealed Abstract – You may be concerned that the NSA is reading your e-mail. Is there really anything you can do about it though? After all, you don’t really want to move off of GMail / Google Apps. And no place you would host is any better. Except, you know, hosting it yourself. The way that e-mail was originally designed to work. We’ve all just forgotten because, you know, webapps-n-stuff. It’s a lot of work, mkay, and I’m a lazy software developer.

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  • USEFUL ONE-LINE SCRIPTS FOR SED – (Unix stream editor) Dec. 29, 2005
    Compiled by Eric Pement – pemente[at]northpark[dot]edu version 5.5
  • IBM devscan tool – United States – The devscan tool is a supplemental tool used by AIX support personnel to gather debugging data for Storage Area Networks. The package download includes a manual page that is also available on this site at the Usage tab.
  • mysqlreport :: Make easy-to-read MySQL status reports – mysqlreport makes a friendly report of important MySQL status values. mysqlreport transforms the values from SHOW STATUS into an easy-to-read report that provides an in-depth understanding of how well MySQL is running. mysqlreport is a better alternative (and practically the only alternative) to manually interpreting SHOW STATUS.
  • Percona Online Tools – Welcome to Percona's suite of productivity tools for MySQL database administrators and developers. One free account lets you access all of the tools below, and keeps you updated when new tools or enhancements are available. Registration is required.

    Optimize your MySQL Server:
    Leverage our expertise to create a good starting configuration for a MySQL server.
    This tool will walk you through all of the steps necessary to create a ready to use MySQL configuration file in about 5 minutes.

    Analyze an SQL Query:
    Find out when your SQL is potentially buggy, hard for MySQL to optimize, or confusing.
    This tool will analyze your SQL code and warn you when it detects problems that we've encountered while optimizing thousands of queries in real applications.

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  • Linux system administrator and Oracle DBA guide: How to use rman backup to duplicate database and change db_name – Environment: OL 5.7 32bit, Oracle database 11.2, sid=orcl
    Objective: duplicate database on the same server then change db_name from orcl to devdb
    concept: duplicate line in /etc/oratab, make orcl and devdb instance, then make everything in password file, spfile/pfile, controlfile, redo log, data file from orcl to devdb, only leave db_name in pfile/spfile as orcl for rman restore from orcl database backup, then use nid to change db_name
  • Linux system administrator and Oracle DBA guide: How to add LUN disk online under CentOS 6.2 – Environment: CentOS 6.2 64bit with multipath connected to HP EVA storage, the LUN disk was LVM disk
    Objective: add a new LUN disk for server online and add into the existing LVM to make the partition size bigger
    scenario: LVM add new lun disk, increase the existing lvm lun disk, increase the existing partition disk such as /dev/sda1
  • Git Client – SmartGit – SmartGit is a graphical client for the Open Source version control systems Git, Mercurial and SVN. It runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
    SmartGit helps Git and Mercurial beginners to get started quickly and lets advanced users become more productive with its efficient user interface.

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