Bookmarks for 6 giu 2012 through 9 giu 2012

These are my links for 6 giu 2012 through 9 giu 2012:

  • Cisco Router Command Reference – Here is my own notes I have had as a word doc for several years. It's a basic reference for Cisco router commands.
  • Cisco Switch Command Reference – Several years ago I created my own Cisco switch and router basic config command references as word docs. However I find my info more useful on the Internet to find, and for anyone else to make use of.
    Here is the switch related reference doc I created.
  • wpcomfs – A Filesystem | Joseph Scott – Back in April announced a new REST style API. That got me thinking about writing a filesystem layer to expose that data, along similar lines to the pressfs code I’d written last year.

    It is still rough, and only supports read-only public data, but in the spirit of release early (and often) I’m sharing the code for wpcomfs at

  • WYAE – Retired Firewall Tools – These tools were used to produce documentation from firewall configuration files. Sometimes necessity is no longer given (e.g. ReadConfig), sometimes I just moved on and have no more need to use the software myself.

    The current firewall documentation system FWdoc is producing a vendor-indpendent intermediate file which then can be filtered and converted into numerous other formats. Please use FWdoc instead of these tools.

Bookmarks for 27 feb 2012 through 5 mar 2012

These are my links for 27 feb 2012 through 5 mar 2012:

Bookmarks for 13 feb 2012 through 15 feb 2012

These are my links for 13 feb 2012 through 15 feb 2012:

  • Configuring a site-to-site VPN between a Sonicwall and Linux Openswan – Mike A. Leonetti – I have had the fortune of having the challenge to set up a site-to-site (or BOVPN/Branch Office VPN) between a Sonicwall and Openswan. I have searched for other articles that cover this topic and found plenty of information that got me far enough to get some of it working. However, getting the whole thing working took quite some time and I found the guides to be incomplete. So for the sake of even my own remembrance, I will write a mini guide up. Of course I will link all of the guides I've used in a references section.
  • VPN Site-to-Site Openswan x ASA (Cisco) – House of Linux – Ladies and gentleman, today I am going to demonstrate how to integrate technologies from different platforms. It is possible to use Cisco to integrate with Windows and Linux using protocol such as LDAP. In this case the communication between Linux and ASA (Adaptive Security Appliances) is straight. We will only need to check the cryptography configuration and that it, the connection is established.
  • Linux Commands – SkullSecurity – Recon, scanning, exploitation and password from comman line in linux (netcat, metasploit, etc)
  • Windows Commands – SkullSecurity – Recon, scanning and exploitation in a windows command line

Bookmarks for 2 lug 2010 from 16:04 to 16:14

These are my links for 2 lug 2010 from 16:04 to 16:14:

  • migrazione RedHat Enterprise Linux a CentOS eseguita! – Lo scorso anno acquistammo un serverino – dischi in fiber channel, 4 cpu quadcore, 32GB di RAM … la solita roba, insomma – con su Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Ovviamente quest’anno allo scadere della licenza non ci sono i fondi per proseguire con gli abbonamenti annuali…Che si fa? Si migra a CentOS, ovviamente!<br />
    Per fortuna la procedura di migrazione è stata semplice, immediata e rispettosa del tutorial proposto nell’apposita pagina del wiki ufficiale.
  • Backup su HSDPA con router Linux – La settimana scorsa Stefano ha avuto un down tremendo della HDSL, più di 72 ore, quasi insopportabili per una azienda al giorno d’oggi. Per questo motivo mi ha chiesto di aggiungere al firewall/router che già gestisce le policy di rete, un backup su HSDPA automatico che attivi la connessione su 3G non appena il link ADSL cade.<br />
    <br />
    Ho cercato in rete se esisteva già qualche setup, ma ho trovato solo una guida per zeroshell e alcune discussioni su forum che però non erano pienamente esaustive.
  • MySQL Forge :: Dashboard – MySQL Forge is a repository of tools, projects, roadmap tasks, and wiki content that is created and maintained by the MySQL user and developer community. It is intended to be a resource for learning, contributing, and sharing information and code with each other.<br />
    <br />
    The Forge also has a section devoted to the people that compose the greater MySQL user and developer community.
  • rhomobile – the open mobile framework – Rhodes is an open source framework to rapidly build NATIVE apps for all major smartphone operating systems (iPhone, Windows Mobile, RIM, Symbian and Android). These are true native device applications (NOT mobile web apps) which work with synchronized local data and take advantage of device capabilities such as GPS, PIM contacts and camera.<br />
    <br />