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  • EasyEngine – Easy WordPress Nginx – EasyEngine (ee) is a linux shell-script to manage your WordPress-Nginx websites on Ubuntu and Debian server.
  • fresh – Keep your dot files fresh – fresh is a tool to source shell configuration (aliases, functions, etc) from others into your own configuration files. We also support files such as ackrc and gitconfig. Think of it as Bundler for your dot files.
  • Free Cisco Online virtul Lab – Welcome to Cisco's Online Virtual Lab ! If you need to familiarise yourself with the cisco IOS or need some equipment to practice before you attend your cisco certification exams or probably you are preparing for an interview and need to brush up on your skills then you have come to right place Online Virtual Lab Cloud is an on-line lab accessible over the Internet. It consists of a hosted cloud of CCNA and CCNP lab. Within seconds you can connect to practice Cisco IOS commands on various Cisco Routers and Switches. It allows a hands-on learning experience without having to buy expensive equipment and no software installation is required My Online Virtual Lab is made for beginners are looking for sharpen their skills and move to a higher leve and for intermediate are looking for a complex environment to improve them skills with the practice. All Devices are Virtual I Rent A Lab **scenarios** not **equipment** .
  • PassCore: A Self-Service AD Password Change Utility – Home – PassCore is a very simple 1-page web app written in C#, using ASP.NET MVC 4 and Directory Services. It allows users to change their Active Directory password on their own, provided the user is not disabled. PassCore does not require any configuration, as it obtains the principal context from the current domain. I wrote this in less than 2 hours. There really was no free alternative out there so hopefully this saves someone else some time and money. IMPORTANT: If you are going to expose this web app outside your LAN, please use https

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These are my links for 26 set 2011 from 10:33 to 16:06:

  • Spying Apache server activity and performance with mod_status | Debian/Ubuntu Tips & Tricks – On Debian based systems such as Ubuntu… Apache comes with mod_status compiled in by default.
    mod_status provides information on your apache server activity and performance.
    This tutorial will show you how to enable this feature in such a way that only requested issued from localhost will be accepted and served.
  • Free CCNA Labs – Table of Contents – If you want to earn the CCNA, you’re going to need “hands on” experience. Free CCNA Labs is your source for lab exercises and scenarios to help you prepare for the CCNA exam.

    On this page, you’ll find all of my informative articles neatly organized (the lab exercises get their own page). It’s a bit sparse at the moment, but I’ll be adding several articles and labs every week. I’m occasionally recording videos to supplement the other content and provide demonstrations.

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  • Free SSL Certificate, Free SSL Certificates From AffirmTrust – 128 bit encryption<br />
    Quick issuance (same day)<br />
    3 year certificate validity period<br />
    Highest security standards<br />
    Backed by the co-founders of GeoTrust<br />
    100% FREE<br />
    Founder Member Status – Get AffirmSSL FREE now and become a founding partner and as AffirmTrust charges for future products you will always receive a 25% discount<br />
    Unlimited license<br />
    Unlimited re-issues<br />
    <br />
    [via ]
  • Manuale Android – Androidpedia – AndroidWorld Wiki – Questo è un manuale all'utilizzo di Android. La versione "spiegata" in questo manuale è quella Vanilla ovvero quella pura di Android presente solo su alcuni terminali. Le case poi personalizzano i terminali con varie interfacce (vedi Sense) e quindi a volte stravolgono in parte l'esperienza di Android. Spesso comunque è possibile ricondursi a questo manuale per capire meglio il funzionamento di Android.
  • – Home – Marionnet is a virtual network laboratory: it allows users to define, configure and run complex computer networks without any need for physical setup. Only a single, possibly even non-networked GNU/Linux host machine is required to simulate a whole Ethernet network complete with computers, routers, hubs, switchs, cables, and more.<br />
    Support is also provided for integrating the virtual network with the physical host network.<br />
    <br />
    As Marionnet is meant to be used also by inexperienced people, it features a very intuitive graphical user interface. Marionnet is written in the mostly functional language OCaml with just some little bits of C, and depends on User Mode Linux and VDE for the simulation part.<br />
    <br />

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