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  • Keyboard shortcuts – Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that, when pressed, can be used to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Keyboard shortcuts can make it easier to interact with your computer, saving you time and effort as you work with Windows and other programs.
  • Google Swiffy – Swiffy converts Flash SWF files to HTML5, allowing you to reuse Flash content on devices without a Flash player (such as iPhones and iPads).<br />
    Swiffy currently supports a subset of SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0, and the output works in all Webkit browsers such as Chrome and Mobile Safari. If possible, exporting your Flash animation as a SWF 5 file might give better results.
  • Google Web Fonts

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  • Vi Cheat Sheet
  • Unix KornShell memento – via
  • 2004: L’ultimo sopruso degli editori: i DRM – Il blog di Chartitalia: – [Questo discorso è stato presentato originariamente al Gruppo di Ricerca di Microsoft e ad altre persone interessate della Compagnia, negli uffici di Redmond il 17 Giugno 2004.<br />
    Questo testo è dedicato al pubblico dominio, utilizzando una licenza Creative Commons – Public Domain Dedication.<br />
    Questa è una versione italiana iniziata da Luca Lizzeri, con contributi di Fruspo e Dinogen, e corretta dalla nostra redazione.]<br />
    <br />
    Me lo appunto qui che non lo trovato più
  • [ubuntu] How to install Windows 7 as a KVM Virtual Machine under Ubuntu … – Well one reason I do it is now I don't have to have a Dual Boot setup on my machine. <br />
    <br />
    Now I always boot into Ubuntu initially and if I need Windows running I just goto System Tools – Virtual Machine Manager (or the command line) to start up Windows XP, Vista or Win7. <br />
    <br />
    Once started it is running concurrently with my Ubuntu Linux so I can easily switch back & forth from Ubuntu to Windows while running applications in BOTH operating systems! <br />
    <br />
    Better than dual-boot where your choice is run one or the other but NOT both simultaneously.<br />
    <br />
    So whether you currently dual boot to WinXP, Vista or some other Operating System you can now use KVM on Ubuntu

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  • – Choose language, paste code and input data (optionally), choose whether your code ought to be executed and whether it ought to be private (i.e. not listed in recent pastes) and click submit button. Then watch your code being executed, share it with your team or friends, or run it again with new input to debug.


  • Airytec Switch Off – Shutdown your PC automatically or remotely from any computer or mobile phone – Switch Off is a lightweight easy-to-use tray-based system utility that could automatically shutdown, suspend or hibernate your system to cut your electricity bills and save the Environment by lowering your PC power consumption. It could also disconnect dial-up and VPN connections to cut your internet service bills as well. Automation options allows you to schedule all operations daily, weekly, past specified time or when PC becomes idle.
  • IBM AIX Tips and Tricks
  • Jay Sri Ram. Bharat Mata Ki Jay – I want to share some of my technical knowledge which I gathered and […]some scripts which I wrote. I will be happy if any of these information helps you. Lot of these information I figured out by myself and some of these information I collected from several websites. My objective is to share my documents with whoever want. Whenever I get some free time I try to learn new stuffs and I like to share those[…]

    Appunti su aix, hp-ux, linux e solaris. Tips e script