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NASA Cut Means No Roving for Mars Rover
Mars Rover - Nasa ArtworkBy ALICIA CHANG
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Scientists plan to put one of the twin Mars rovers to sleep and limit the activities of the other robot to fulfill a NASA order to cut $4 million from the program’s budget, mission team members said Monday[...]

Both rovers were originally planned for three-month missions at a cost of $820 million, but are now in their fourth year of exploration. It costs NASA about $20 million annually to keep the rovers running.

The latest directive from NASA to cut $4 million means Spirit will be forced into hibernation in the coming weeks, said principal investigator Steve Squyres of Cornell University.

“It’s very demoralizing for the team,” Squyres said.

Come fa notare Kevin Burton (da cui ho tratto la notizia) 4 milioni di dollari vengono spesi in Iraq in 13 minuti.

Via google news è possibile trovare altri articoli sull’argomento

Giuseppe ha scritto giusto oggi un post sul costo della guerra in Iraq e non solo sul lato economico.

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